Liquor License Bond


Please indicate the bond term that is needed for your license:

3 Year Bond $75.00 2 Year Bond $50.00 1 Year Bond $30.00



Required Length of Bond Depends Upon License Type. Please review your license application or license renewal application for the required length of Bond. Current Bond Length Requirements for the following liquor license categories are as follows: 3 Year Bond is Required for Liquor License for Grocery Store Beer(A), Grocery Store Beer & Wine Products(AX), Liquor Store (L) and Easting Place Beer 2 Year Bond is Required for all On -Premises Liquor Licenses including Restaurant Wine License (RW), Tavern Wine(TW), On Premises Full Liquor License (OP) Hotel Liquor License(HL) and Catering Establishment License(CT), 1 Year Bond is required for Seasonal Licenses. Bond and Paid Receipt will be emailed to your Email Address as a pdf attachment. If no Email address is provided above, the Bond and Paid Receipt will be mailed to the address for the licensed premises. Thank you.

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