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Welcome to RHG Brokerage

Thank you for visiting our website. We provide insurance for your business and home, including homeowners, renters and dwelling coverage. We also provide surety bonds. We specialize in license and permit bonds, including bonds for New York State Beer and Liquor Licenses. We also specialize in insurance for grocery stores, restaurant and bars.

Current rates for New York Beer and Liquor License Bonds are as follows:
1 Year $30.00 2 Year $50.00 3 Year $75.00. Beer and Liquor License Bonds are issued by RLI Surety or Surety Bonding Company of America. Please refer to your Beer or Liquor License new application or renewal application to determine the length (number of years) for your bond.

We also issue Nall Salon Wage Bonds and many other Surety Bonds. Please call our office for information or a quote.

We look forward to serving your license and permit bond needs. Please call our office for a no-obligation quote for insurance or for a surety bond. We do many types of surety bonds. Call our office for a quote for any type of surety bond other than those listed here.


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